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Organizations continue to be challenged with resource planning and forecasting, the consistent application of defined project management processes, and demand management. A well-managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges and focus on much more than just delivering projects.

PMO Development Team

What is Project Management Office (PMO) Development?:

The Program Management Office (PMO) concept was developed by large corporations within the aerospace industry during the mid-1950s to meet strategic business needs and reduce the number of failing projects. The PMO concept gained further momentum in the management of Y2K projects when it was critical to handle large, one-time problems without missing the project deadline. Onset Technologies offers PMO Development and implementation services to customers at portfolio, program, and project levels.

Customer expectations of PMO implementation should include:

  • Producing consistent and predictable results
  • Standardizing PM policy, processes, and practices
  • Assisting in the alignment of projects with corporate business strategy and objectives
  • Formalizing identification and management of risk opportunities and threats
  • Increasing the individual project success rate

Why should a potential client care?

Some people minimize the importance of process. But standard, repeatable processes are essential to the successful creation of a product. Processes allow a large number of people to work together on a collaborative project. Processes provide the mechanism by which team members trust that others are taking care of their parts of a project, and that the rules of the game will not suddenly change.

PMO Development enables the production of standard processes, resulting in the consistent, predictable results that every company needs. 

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